Headquartered in Singapore, the Taiping Institute focuses on the preservation and development of martial arts focusing on their realistic combat and health benefits.

Our martial arts programs are designed for training comprehensive skills development including empty hand and with weapons. Taiping Combatives is not just a sport or a cultural relic, it is comprehensive combat system that can be applied in real life situations to resolve urban, military and other conflicts.

All the systems within Taiping Combatives are practical and realistic that will teach its students how to deal with all types of violent confrontations, empty hand, with weapons or equipment.

Martial Arts Systems

The Martial arts systems of the Taiping Institute are classified according to the region from which they originate or are practiced. These areas are the specialties of the founder and encompass a vast array of systems.

Health Cultivation

An important part of martial arts includes the training of a healthy mind, body and spirit. These include aspects of meditative practice, health exercises, therapeutic methods and scientific training principles.


Taiping Institute is also a house of martial arts research . Practical, historical and scientific expeditions are conducted regularly to into the exciting world of combat martial arts.