Chengdu Sports Academy Master Zheng Huaixian

Zheng Huaixian (1897-1982), also known as Zheng Deshun, was originally from Anxin County, Hebei Province. Renowned as an expert of Chinese Medicine specializing in Orthopeadics, a Martial arts expert and great teacher. He was honoured as “ Wu Yi Zongshi” (Martial & Medicine Master). 

M. Zheng started his martial arts journey in Chuojiao (戳脚) which he practiced for over 7-8 years under the tutelage of Wei Jinshan and Li Erqing, who also introduced the traditional bone setting and traumatic injuries medical techniques. Later he became a disciple of the well known Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi Master Sun Lu Tang studying for over four years. After that in 1928, he lived and taught martial arts in Shanghai simultaneously entering the martial world and was able to study and exchange with a large number of prominent masters.

In 1936. as a member of the China team he demonstrated Wushu in Berlin during the XI Olympic Games. After the formation of the new China he moved to Sichuan where in 1949 was a member of the China Wushu Association and Teacher of the Chengdu Sports Academy, which also included other experts such as Wang Shutian in its faculty. It is in Chengdu where he had a great impact, M. Zheng developed numerous classical routines and his curriculums became the basis of the education of would be masters that had passed through the Sports Academy/Institutions at the time. He was a very open and caring teacher who passed both the martial arts and medical treatment to many students.

The Sports Hospital (Sports Injury Research Centre) remains today as a legacy of his medical system. The hospital treats athletes for performance, sports injuries and recovering sports rehabilitation or isses of fatigue. It is a key integrated teaching, research clinic and practice center.



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