The Five Tigers Coiling Dragon Staff | 戳脚门 - 五虎盘龙棍

In thousands of years of history, great strategists and practitioners of military skills have appeared in China. There are cultural heritages that are rare and in many cases even lost. One such special set of practices is concerned with the Staff. A simple yet highly dynamic weapon, the Staff is thought to be the easiest yet one of the most powerful weapons. In Chinese Martial arts there is a saying "Spear Strikes in a line, The Staff Sweeps in a large area". 

Zhao Kuangyin, the First Emperor of the Song dynasty was said to leverage his Qimei (eyebrow height) staff when fighting for the various states/provinces and helped him become the leader of a Dynasty. Wuhu Gun (Five Tigers Staff) is originally known as Wuhu Panlong Gun (Five Tigers Coiling Dragon Staff), and sometimes as Wuhua Gun (Flowering Staff). It was said that before Zhao ascended the throne, Zheng Ziming had defeated the five tigers of the Dong Family. Many generations this staff had been passed down in the Xinzhuang village of Hejian County, Hebei Province. It was said that throughout its over 600 year history, the practice came to consist of over 420 postures/techniques, which today has basically become extinct, no longer found. Feng Keshan had studied the boxing (Taizu Changquan and Bafanquan) and some weapons from Hejian, considered the likely origin of this staff. 

Chuojiao Master Feng Keshan, was one of the greatest martial artists in history. He had acquired many martial arts systems throughout his life, be it via his masters, students, teachers, rebellious brothers or otherwise. He had both the talent and the intelligence to master the most important of combat arts and had passed much to his descendants, each often achieving a part of the great knowledge he held. The Wuhu Panlong Gun (The Five Tigers Coiling Dragon Staff | 五虎盘龙棍), also known simply as Panlong Staff, is one of the rare weapons practice transmitted within the Chuojiao system as it is known and practiced by few.  

Based on the great achievements of Yu Dayou in Southern China, it was thought that in Northern China much of the Staff methods were lost. However, the older methods such as Wuhu Panlong Gun, retain some of the essence of staff methods that are rare in Northern styles yet also with a range of techniques that are not typical in Southern Staff. It is truly are a very skillful and treasured staff method. 

The Panlong Gun of Chuojiao consists of Five Sequences with over 135 Postures/methods, where each posture often consists of a number of techniques/moves. Within each of the five sequences there are special techniques that are included which are unique to the sequence. Unlike modern created sets, this Panlong Gun has specific poetic traditional names for all its methods. As an example in the first sequence there is the Young Prince Fishing, Phoenix pecking, the Dragonfly hovering over water, Green Dragon spitting out water and so on. The first sequence being the foundation, as the remainder are arranged in ascending order of difficulty. 


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