Cha Quan is said to have commenced during the reign of the Ming Di in the Han dynasty, when a warrior from today’s Xinjiang province called Zhamir (查密尔) sometimes romanized as Xianyi (尚义) helped the imperial armies defeat babarian invaders across the northern plains. He was also joined by his colleagues Hua Zhongzhi and Wu Dianzhang. The two methods which were Jiazi and Shenfashi later became known by the post-humous respect of the original transcenders as Cha Quan and Hua Quan, at times these were considered as one style called Chahua Men.  For further information note our detailed curriculum in this link : Taiping Chahua Men

Since the reign of Qianlong (Qing Dynasty, 1736-1795) Cha Quan had become divided into three key schools. This is due three Masters whom each enhanced the style with their experience and skills. Zhang Qiwei from Zhangyin village, Guan county is the founder of the Zhang Style Cha Quan. Yang Hongxiu from the southern part of Guan County, is the founder of Yang Style Cha Quan. Li Enju from Jining County, is the founder of Li Style Cha Quan. Zhang Style is relatively compact, fast and agile. Yang Style has long extensions, smooth transitions and is more aesthetically pleasing. Li Style is continuous, rough and powerful it is the more fierceful

Performance Gallery - Zhang Style Cha quan

#1 Shandong Cha Quan [张式查拳一路 母子]

#2 Shandong Cha Quan [张式查拳二路 行手]

#3 Shandong Cha Quan [张式查拳三路 飛腳]

#4 Shandong Cha Quan [张式查拳四路 昇平]

#5 Shandong Cha Quan [张式查拳五路 飛虎]

#6 Shandong Cha Quan [张式查拳六路 埋伏]

#7 Shandong Cha Quan [张式查拳七路 梅花]

#8 Shandong Cha Quan [张式查拳八路 連環]

#9 Shandong Cha Quan [张式查拳九路 龍擺尾] 

#10 Shandong Cha Quan [张式查拳十路 串通] 

Cha Quan: Hua Quan 1 [张式查拳: 滑拳一路]

 Cha Quan: Hua Quan 2 [张式查拳: 滑拳二路] 

 Cha Quan: Hua Quan 3 [张式查拳: 滑拳三路] 

 Cha Quan: Tui Quan 1 [张式查拳: 腿拳一路] 

 Cha Quan: 2 man [张式查拳: 对拳]
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