The China Global Television Network (CGTN) is producing a series of introductions into the various martial arts styles. Whilst there are more generic ones, we have placed a summary of the specific systems in the gallery below, noting their areas of origin or practice for those not accustomed to the variations of martial systems across China. Since these for the public and in line with the concept of cultural heritage, the focus is mostly on that legacy as opposed to details about the methods, but they are worthwhile as simple introductions.  

Performance Gallery - Styles of Chinese Martial arts

Cangzhou Chahua Men
沧州 查滑门

Adhering and closing in style
峨嵋  贴身靠子

Praying Mantis Boxing 
山东 螳螂拳

Shanxi Hong Quan 
陕西 红拳 (关西中)

Hubei Meishan Quan
湖北 新化梅山拳

Futsan Pak Mei Kuen 
广东 佛山白眉拳

Guangdong Mok Gar Kuen
广东 东莞莫家拳

Futsan Choy Li Fut
广东 佛山蔡李佛拳

Fuzhou Dishu Quan
福建 福州地术拳

Fuzhou Rujia Quan 
福建 福州儒家拳

Quanzhou Wuzu Quan 
福建 泉州五祖拳

Hubei Tangshou Quan
湖北 天门唐手拳

Henan Shaolin Quan (Liu Family)
河南 嵩山刘氏少林拳

Hebei Luotuan Bajiquan 
河北 罗疃八极拳

Jiang Nan Chuan Quan
浙江 江南船拳

Beijing Baiyuan Tongbei Quan 
北京 牛街白猿通背拳

Beijing Hua Quan 
北京 花拳

Handan Hebei Yang Style Taijiquan 
邯郸 杨氏太极拳

Beijing Liang Style Baguazhang  
北京 梁氏八卦掌

Hong Kong Ip Man Wing Tsun 
香港 叶氏咏春

Cangzhou Miao Dao 
沧州 苗刀

Double Hammers

Shaolin ChanghuXinyi 

Shaolin Qixing Quan 



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