Jiji Fa (技击法, Fighting Methods), Shiyong Fa (使用法 Practical Methods) or Shizhan Fa (实战法 Free Combat Methods) refer to the no-hold barred combat approach within Chinese Martial Arts. This means that the sole purpose of combat is win a fight for life or death with or without weapons, against a single or multiple opponent in an unprepared and unregulated setting. There are no rules, there is no soft ground, there is no sportsmanship, no weight class and no referee. 

 The essence of Chinese martial arts is from the battlefield, the techniques and principles of the various systems are geared towards maximum efficiency. That is, destroy your opponent in the shortest time possible. It is for this reason that Chinese martial arts include a range of weapons (long range, short range, hidden and throwing as examples), it is also why so many techniques have relatively (to other martial arts) intricate and complex hand methods coupled with power generation. 

Although much less trained today, we believe that realistic combat is the most fundamental purpose of Chinese Martial arts, whether it is Taijiquan or Tongbeiquen, Chuojiao or Taizuquan, all their systematic training enables the practitioner to increase their martial prowess. Poking the eyes, smashing the groin, striking the back of the head, pulling hair, throwing a chair, using a baseball bat, throwing a rock/stone or pulling a knife are all examples of realistic scenarios or types of techniques that the Chinese martial arts practitioner needs to consider. Fighting against multiple opponents is another consideration, whether to fight or get out of the fight, whether to selective use one opponent as example or defeat the whole group, whether to run or hide. These are the strategies needing to be assessed in the heat of a fight or altercation. The skills in wielding a sword or saber, the skills of using a staff or spear, can be replicated with a range of equipment and thereby still serve a purpose beyond cultural conservation. Alertness, awareness, distance, timing, wit, courage and intelligence are all factors in the Chinese Martial arts. 

Combat Fighting includes all the elements of Chinese martial arts into use. The Striking, kicking, throwing, grappling are all included, the power generation are all necessary, the physical conditioning is essential. All traditional martial arts programs throughout the Taiping Institute are based on the fact that they can applied for Combat Fighting and are trained systematically for that purpose whether empty hands or with weapons as well. Whilst certain elements of the integrated Chinese Martial arts can be extracted for competitive purposes, the emphasis given the essential requirement to preserve and develop Chinese Martial Arts is on Combat Fighting


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