The Taiping Institute focuses on traditional combat based martial studies. 

Application Notes : 

1. Entrance into the Taiping Institute programs is by introduction (through a Taiping Institute member or affiliate) and requires approval/consent. The objective and commitment to study should be clear. 

2. The intention of the Taiping Institute is to pass down the complete martial arts system heritage. Casual students interested in joining for short term interests are usually deterred unless they have a clear and specific objective agreed.  All programs are intended to pass the full content of the system/s. The objective is to teach the whole martial art system without reservation. Excursions abroad and attendance at seminars from further Masters of the members chosen specialization is required these maybe both short or long term depending on circumstances. 

3. The Taiping Institute is a representative of the respective martial arts and as a result, the morality and ethics of students is utmost importance. Students can be asked to leave if they are not dedicated, are not socially responsible and do not hold the virtues of the Institute.

4. Classes are in Singapore. Beginners or new students are required to attend the standard 3-4 hour weekly class (held on Sundays) until they reach a sufficient level of proficiency. Thereafter they may be asked to join some of the week night style specific programs. 

5. If you do not know anyone in the institute, please write an email (note links on the top bars of the page) introducing yourself, motivation for learning, objectives and why you would like to learn traditional martial arts with us. The more thorough the better. 

6. We receive a lot of international inquiries for seminars and also for Distance Education Programs. Apologies, we do not provide distance education programs and our seminars schedule is very limited.

7. Normally when new members join they will select a specific system to practice. Note that all systems are good, there are some more involved with more content, but inevitably it is about the practitioner and their efforts. It is ideal that you achieve adequate proficiency in a system before seeking other ones. 

8. Remember that training at the Taiping Institute is based on the concept that "the teacher can open the door (teach methods) but the Gong Fu (Skills & Proficiency) is up to the student" . That means that you will need to train daily and be focused, responsible and have perseverance. Traditional martial arts take a lot of time and effort. 


The Taiping Institute aims to provide the most effective and true to its principles traditional martial arts training. The Taiping Martial Arts Consist of Three Great Systems, which are considered the most comprehensive (largest content and weapons) and the Eighteen Styles (there are another 3 styles that will be offered in the upcoming year). Most comprehensive does not mean most effective, that is up to you and how hard and focused you train. Also certain body types or personalities are often inclined into a system or other so as to leverage their natural inclinations. One (1) of the following is normally selected (or determined by the head of the institute/by a student): 

Three Major Systems | 三大门

Chuojiao| 戳脚门 Yanqingquan | 燕青门 Liuhequan | 六合门

Eighteen Minor Systems | 十八拳

Bafanquan | 八翻拳
Duanquan | 短拳
Bajiquan | 八极
Tongbeiquan | 通背拳
Tanglangquan | 螳螂
Qingyun Fojiaquan | 佛家拳

Taizuquan |太祖拳
Luohanquan | 罗汉拳
Hongquan | 洪拳
Dishuquan | 地术拳

Yingmenquan | 硬门拳
Huzunquan | 虎尊拳

Taijiquan | 太极拳
Baguazhang | 八卦掌
Xingyiquan | 形意拳 
Wudangquan | 武当拳
Zimenquan | 字门拳
Baimeiquan | 白眉拳

* Note Traditional martial arts include Health Cultivation, Strength & Conditioning, Empty hand & weapons combat, artistic, cultural and medical methods, and so on. 
** Please note that throughout the course of training, those that aim to be coaches or teachers are expected to obtain their First Aid Certificates, Fitness Instructor Certificate and undertake courses in relation to Sports Science, Health Science and Physical Science to complement their studies. 

Sample Weekly Training Program 

To understand the Traditional martial arts training method and the commitment required, please note below a sample training schedule of a general student of the Taiping Institute. This can differ according to the students objectives and stage of learning. 

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