Wu Chanlong | 吴禅龙

Founder, Taiping Institute

Wu Chanlong, Founder of the Taiping Institute 

M. Wu has devoted his life to the practice and research of martial arts for almost 40 years. He is an outstanding and versatile martial artist who has continued his pursuit of knowledge across many different styles with an emphasis on traditional and combat effective traditional Chinese Martial Arts.  After migrating into a Chinese-Vietnamese community where crime and violence prevailed. To survive, his parents sent him for training in the martial arts. That environment provided a good platform for acquiring real combat skills.  Since then, martial arts was to become a life long dedication, one which would lead him to many countries and places around China, Asia and the world, to learn and exchange from a vast number of Masters and practitioners.

In that journey was to obtain the combat focused traditional martial arts inclusive of their systematic approach to skill acquisition, inclusive of strength and conditioning, combat and weapons.

Beyond the martial arts, M Wu works in the Logistics/Supply Chain industry, Chinese Medicine & Healthcare and is a University Lecturer as well. He established the Taiping Institute to preserve, develop and disseminate authentic knowledge and pass on to future generations, during that time aside from his own research, he has taught his dedicated students for free over the course of almost 20 years. 

吴禅龙, 文武双全,德艺兼修,太平武馆创始人:从六岁习民间拳械术,刻苦研悟几十年,陶冶武艺情操,不断探索实践深研武术技能和精华,跟随拜访多位武术名家奠定了扎实基础诠释各种拳派技巧掌握保存传统武术的精髓。



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