Wu Chanlong | 吴禅龙

Founder, Taiping Institute

M. Wu has been practicing martial arts for almost 40 years. In those years he has continued his pursuit of knowledge across many different martial styles with an emphasis on traditional and combat effective traditional Chinese Martial Arts. As a young boy, M. Wu had migrated into a Chinese-Vietnamese community where crime and violence prevailed. To survive, his parents sent him to training in the martial arts. Since that tender age of 6, unbeknownst to his parents at the time, martial arts was to become a life long dedication, one which would lead him to visit  many countries and places around China, to learn and exchange from a large number of Masters and practitioners. Almost four decades and 20 or so styles later. He arduously trained, practiced daily and meticulously recorded his studies, both the theory and methods. Further he dived into the roots of each style he would also research the different branches and derivations of the style including their evolution and development over time. 

In his personal life, M. Wu like in the martial arts had studied a number of different fields from the physical sciences (Chemistry, Physics and mathematics), Manufacturing and Business to the Health Sciences. In his career it has been from Research Chemist, to Financial Accountant, IT, Construction, Hospitality and to his current specializations in Logistics/Supply Chain Management. In the philosophical realms he ranged from a foundation in Christianity, Plato and Buddhism until today where he pursues his lifelong interests in Taoist studies. This culmination of experiences of the physical world and the metaphysical give him a unique no nonsense yet contented realistic approach to martial arts and life. 

In the year 2000, after 20 years of study, at the request of friends, and then to be students, he established the Taiping Institute with the intention of researching and preserving the arts that he studied throughout his life. The focus was on comprehensive attainment of skills and content of various martial arts. At that time the interest was on continued study and preservation, M. Wu did not stop his pursuit of knowledge and continued to seek out further fellow martial arts experts,. Whilst many sought study they would often be deterred by the tough and intense training regime or did not meet the moral standards of the school. Whilst there were some beginners, many of the students had studied martial arts for some time before, others were instructors of other martial styles. All would be welcome to study the traditional combative arts of the Taiping Institute. 

For M. Wu the martial arts focus moved from that of day to day survival and combat needs to one on a more in depth and thorough quest of pursuing the complete martial arts systems. Travelling to remote villages, to well known established schools. Learning from the unknown masters to the more  famous ones, M. Wu inherited a vast amount of knowledge. In many cases much of the methods were rare or even on the brink of extinction, his quest brings great benefits to our martial journey today.  Through dedicated training he aimed for the essence of every style withing the Taiping Institutes curriculum.

During that period he also taught a number of students, yet even then, he urged them to seek out other masters within their own specialties to expand their experiences and respect the depth of the system. This led to a team of well skilled practitioners where the focus of the martial arts is not just competition or glory, not health nor glamorous performance. Rather the Taiping Institute stands to preserve the Combative and integrated aspects of the martial arts. From Health to self defense, from military tactics to spiritual paths. M. Wu has obtained in depth comprehension of the techniques, methods, combat principles, history and records of the various martial arts. He obtained skills in the old but also with the new including the use of modern weaponry as much as the traditional. 

Unique among practitioners, he is very unassuming as he roams about in his day to day life. The Taiping Institute has over the years become a reference for many, an inspiration to some and an institution of study for the committed few, where many students have been with the group since the beginning. Many have now become coaches and together they forge the unity to preserve the most fulfilling of the martial arts. M. Wu is not just a martial teacher to us but a life inspiration, a living example of doing your best in every field, of perseverance, life long learning, dedication, happiness and fulfillment. 

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