Taiping Combatives (TICS, Taiping Integrative Combative Systems  太平實戰格鬥系統)  is not just a sport or a cultural relic, it is comprehensive combat system that can be applied in real life situations both urban, military and and mass uprisings. All the systems within Taiping Combatives are practical and realistic that will teach its students how to deal with all types of violent confrontations, empty hand, with weapons or equipment and with military weapons. 

TICS represents the essence of the largest set of combative systems each complete and built with the purpose of survival and direct combat skills development. Taiping Combatives aims to achieve these through robust scientific physical training programs, training of the body to develop specific skills and power development, understand the principles behind moves and through a series of drills that undertaken at short range, long range and multiple opponent range that will enhance special combat skills. In a relatively short time students will learn how to deal with real situations and in the long run develop deep and thorough military combat skills. 

Training in Taiping Combatives will see vastly improve physical fitness and agility, improved mental and physical co-ordination, enhanced decision making and problem solving skills, vastly improved stress management and ability to concentrate and focus. These are able to be helpful throughout all aspects of life, be it at work, family or at leisure. 

Taiping Combatives consists of selecting specific fighting systems each thoroughly detailed and methodical in their approach. In general these will include eight key development areas : 

  1. Physical Training, strengthening & conditioning 
  2. Techniques & Principles
  3. Self Defense: Protecting & Defending yourself
  4. Combat Skills and Tactics 
  5. Real Life Combatives 
  6. Weapons Combat
  7. Military strategies
  8. Mental development 

All Taiping combatives are geared towards real life application, so methods are taught with those in mind. Students learn to deal with all types of conflicts and all types of environments. Whether in defense or in survival, with single or multiple life threatening opponents. This includes considerations such as in confined spaces, in public places, on a boat, in a car or in a forest. The importance is to have skills that can be with you and applied anywhere. 

The ability to deal with the unexpected, be in an unprepared position (asleep, seated etc) , in a moving vehicle or having to deal with casualties or duties of care. The ability to use weapons and objects shall enhance the means to successfully resolve a conflict with the utmost of fluidity and safety. 


Taiping Combatives also is used to conduct courses for security personnel, police officers, military units, bodyguards or close protection agents, undercover officers as well interest groups, civilians and corporate study groups. 


Taiping Combatives were initially developed during the military confrontations of the 1800’s  where up to 20 million people lost their lives, and continuously developed until today. Many modern sports and self defense systems borrow pieces from this most deadly of combative system but in parts and lack the comprehensive understanding necessary to pass the systems that were left since those times. 

TICS is on the basis of the oldest, most comprehensive Combat systems in the world, with a focus on real life situations inclusive of both combat, health and weaponry. These include systems such as Chuojiao, Baji, Shuaijiao/Wrestling, Qin Na/Grappling, Hung Kuen, Jujitsu, Boxing, Hwa Rang Do, Bokator, Dog Boxing, Tongbei and others. Over 40 years of experience and research into these systems are the foundation of Taiping Combatives. 


The structured and systematic curriculum with specific levels and grades allows you to easily learn Taiping combatives in a progressive manner in considerations of your needs and pace of learning.  Taiping Combatives focuses in general on the following details : 

  • Physical Fitness, Strengthening and conditioning
  • Foundation Techniques, Skills and Methods
  • Self Defense
  • Combat Skills and Tactics
  • Power principles 
  • Attack systems, kicks, strikes, grappling and throws
  • Grappling and anti grappling, Releases from all sorts of grabs and holds
  • Weapons training – long, short, rigid, flying and flexible weapons
  • Situation management - Avoidance, Prevention, De-escalation
  • Ability to initiate, defend and destroy attacks from various angles and directions
  • Execution of attacks and counter attacks from all positions 
  • Use of all sorts of common objects for defensive purposes
  • Defending all unarmed attacks: punches, strikes and kicks
  • Attacking, defending and disarming all armed attacks and threats from sharp objects, long blunt weapons and firearms
  • Dealing with multiple attackers, crowds and constrained situations 
  • Physical and mental control
  • Mental cultivation, health and self healing techniques
  • The ability to execute techniques under stressful condition
  • Recovery and restoration techniques, natural medicine methods. 

There are much more to the curriculum but the above provides a general idea of some of the key elements. There are also special programs for organizations as needed. There is a grading system for Taiping Combatives, at the 8th level, students have the option to pursue a genuine comprehensive martial arts system, and become an inheritor/coach respectively. 


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