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Headquartered in Singapore, the Taiping Institute focuses on the preservation and development of Chinese martial arts focusing on their realistic combat and health benefits. Martial arts are designed for comprehensive skills development including empty hand and with weapons. Taiping Combative is not just a sport or a cultural relic, it is comprehensive combat system that can be applied in real life situations to resolve urban, military and other conflicts. All the systems within Taiping Combatives are practical and realistic that will teach its students how to deal with all types of violent confrontations, empty hand, with weapons or equipment and with military weapons.

The experienced Taiping Institute team provide comprehensive programs of study through direct training with the team and seminars/long term stay programs including invited combat teachers from time to time. If you are passionate about martial arts,  irrespective of whether you are new or a long term practitioner, the Taiping Institute offers the methods to enhance your skills and develop your martial arts repertoire.

The Taiping Institute is also a leading house of research where martial arts treasures are collected from masters around the world. Practical, historical and scientific expeditions are conducted regularly to obtain insights into the exciting world of combat martial arts. In this we we contribute to the martial arts community not just in social means but rather in more robust practical work that allows us to have one of the most comprehensive curriculum, but also through the writing of Insightful articles, textbooks, sharing of resources, annual pilgrimages with masters/workshops or events and much more.  Together we hope to ensure that the most comprehensive martial arts in the world are carried on responsibly to the next generation. 


Latest Articles

杨氏太极拳 拳谱

1、八门五步 掤南,捋西,挤东,按北,采西北,挒东南,肘东北,靠西南——方位。  坎,离,兑,震,巽,乾,坤,艮——八门。  方位八门,乃为阴阳颠倒之理,周而复始,随其所行也。总之,四正、四隅不...

燕青門太師鞭的源流, Origins of the Taishi Hard Whip of Yanqing Men


八极拳 功法秘籍 六大开秘籍


The lost skills of Yanqing Quan | 濒临失传的燕青拳

Yanqing Men is one of the greatest systems of Northern Chinese Martial Arts. Unfortunately due to it...

Taijiquan Evolution 6 - Taijiquan returns to Chen Village | 太极拳回到陈家沟

The sixth entry in the coverage of Taijiquan styles development. As our Taijiquan history section de...

逝去的武林 - 民国卧虎藏龙中央国术馆纪实


Martial arts of the Armed Security Escorts and the Rebellions

Contrary to the portrayal of martial arts in films and novels, where some how by meditating over a f...







清乾隆天地人御用宝剑 | Imperial Swords of the Qing Dynasty

清乾隆十三年(1748),总管内务府造办处遵旨制作天、地、人宝剑30把,其形制、质地、样式均经乾隆帝根据宝剑画样亲自授意、修改和审定,直至二十二年才铸造装饰完成,历时近十年。 一 故宫博物院武备兵...

纯阳剑法 | Pure Yang Sword

纯阳剑法,行侠仗义侠气荡然! 人们称吕洞宾为“纯阳祖师”,称其背负的宝剑为“纯阳剑”,练的剑法为“纯阳剑法”。吕洞宾一生以纯阳剑法行侠仗义,因此演绎出许多脍炙人口的神话故事。  据《中国历代名人大...

写真秘宗拳 | Mizongquan overview of Jiang Rongqiao

 燕青拳和秘宗拳其实是一家.  说起燕青拳,很多人会觉得陌生,但提及秘宗拳,大家耳熟能详,但实际上燕青拳秘宗拳不分家。”张福祯说,燕青拳相传由岳飞的师父周侗所创,周侗的另一名弟子卢俊义将此拳传给了梁山...

Shandong Six Harmony Staff | 山东南塗山六合棍

Yantai is well known for its Mantis Boxing, and as part of the weapons in the system, it is common t...

沧州大六合门的大刀王五 : 刀劈洋鬼子 冒死为谭嗣同收尸


  • 杨氏太极拳 拳谱

    Thursday, 27 September 2018 14:12
  • 燕青門太師鞭的源流, Origins of the Taishi Hard Whip of Yanqing Men

    Monday, 17 September 2018 15:02
  • 八极拳 功法秘籍 六大开秘籍

    Tuesday, 10 July 2018 16:07
  • The lost skills of Yanqing Quan | 濒临失传的燕青拳

    Wednesday, 04 July 2018 16:41
  • Taijiquan Evolution 6 - Taijiquan returns to Chen Village | 太极拳回到陈家沟

    Tuesday, 12 June 2018 17:00
  • 逝去的武林 - 民国卧虎藏龙中央国术馆纪实

    Sunday, 27 May 2018 18:23
  • Martial arts of the Armed Security Escorts and the Rebellions

    Tuesday, 17 April 2018 15:21
  • 形意拳名家马玉堂

    Friday, 16 March 2018 17:09
  • 字门拳秘传拳谱

    Sunday, 07 January 2018 12:14
  • 陈乐平,青岛螳螂拳传承人

    Sunday, 29 October 2017 07:25
  • 清乾隆天地人御用宝剑 | Imperial Swords of the Qing Dynasty

    Wednesday, 12 July 2017 15:12
  • 纯阳剑法 | Pure Yang Sword

    Tuesday, 13 June 2017 16:01
  • 写真秘宗拳 | Mizongquan overview of Jiang Rongqiao

    Saturday, 10 June 2017 12:49
  • Shandong Six Harmony Staff | 山东南塗山六合棍

    Wednesday, 31 May 2017 13:26
  • 沧州大六合门的大刀王五 : 刀劈洋鬼子 冒死为谭嗣同收尸

    Wednesday, 10 May 2017 04:07
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