Welcome to the Taiping Institute!

Headquartered in Singapore, the Taiping Institute focuses on the preservation and development of Chinese martial arts focusing on their realistic combat and health benefits. Martial arts are designed for comprehensive skills development including empty hand and with weapons. Taiping Combative is not just a sport or a cultural relic, it is comprehensive combat system that can be applied in real life situations to resolve urban, military and other conflicts. All the systems within Taiping Combatives are practical and realistic that will teach its students how to deal with all types of violent confrontations, empty hand, with weapons or equipment and with military weapons.

The experienced Taiping Institute team provide comprehensive programs of study through direct training with the team and seminars/long term stay programs including invited combat teachers from time to time. If you are passionate about martial arts,  irrespective of whether you are new or a long term practitioner, the Taiping Institute offers the methods to enhance your skills and develop your martial arts repertoire.

The Taiping Institute is also a leading house of research where martial arts treasures are collected from masters around the world. Practical, historical and scientific expeditions are conducted regularly to obtain insights into the exciting world of combat martial arts. In this we we contribute to the martial arts community not just in social means but rather in more robust practical work that allows us to have one of the most comprehensive curriculum, but also through the writing of Insightful articles, textbooks, sharing of resources, annual pilgrimages with masters/workshops or events and much more.  Together we hope to ensure that the most comprehensive martial arts in the world are carried on responsibly to the next generation. 


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