The Taiyi Bagua Hunyuan Yangsheng Gong was developed by our Grandmaster Lu Zijian (1893-2012) who lived almost 120 years. He attributed his longevity to the daily practice of this particular Qigong method which he developed by integrating the essence of Daoist cultivation practices that he studied throughout his life from the Wudang and Bagua Schools of Daoism/martial arts. There are two parts to the practice of Taiyi Gong which includes the Internal Alchemy (Qing, Qi, Shen Transformation) and the Specific Yangsheng routine. 

Yangsheng Gong 

  •  Wuji Gong Fa (无极功法 Primordial Gong)
  •  Taiji Zhuanbi (太极转臂 Taiji Turning Arms)
  •  Caiqi Paifei (采气排废 Pluck the air and eliminate toxins)
  •  Shuanghuan Taoyue (双环套月 Pair of Rings covering the moon)
  •  Zuoyou Rouqiu (左右抱球 Left and Right Embrace the Soft Ball)
  •  Zuoma Tuizhang (坐马推掌 Horse Riding Step Push Palms)
  •  Zuoma Wanzhang (坐马腕掌 Horse Riding Turn the wrists)
  •  Shuanglong Xizhu (双龙戏珠 Twin Dragons Play with the Pearls)
  •  Zuoma Tigang (坐马提肛 Horse Riding Lift the Gang)
  •  Heixiong Cabei (黑熊擦背 Black Bear rubs its back )
  •  Zuoma Guanyue (坐马观月 Sit in Horse and gaze at the moon)
  •  Kaihe Jiqiu (开合挤球 Open and close squeezing the ball)
  •  Faqi Yunmu (发气运目 Release Qi towards the eyes)
  •  Neiqi Guiding (内气贵顶 Internal Qi linked to the peak)
  •  Heche Douzhuan (河车斗转 River boat turning and shaking vigorously)