In general when we discuss Taiping martial arts it refers to real world practical combative skills. Many of the techniques and methods within the arsenal of the Chinese Martial arts are specifically to survive a dangerous altercation. Sports Combat is derived from the same basis as combative skills but are modified to suit the rules and regulations of the sport with the intention to win the event not necessarily a survival or maiming approach. That said, it is important that no matter whether for real life situations or for sports, the fundamental training and conditioning of the body for combat must not be ignored. Further weapons practice are essential in Chinese martial arts for the methods of the various weapons can also be applied when using similar objects that one would find around, this dimension is also important in real world martial arts. 

We introduce various categories of Combative Martial arts  and combat sports. In many cases the foundation of both are interchangeable and more importantly in Classical Chinese martial arts most mater is holistic that is all aspects of combat need to be acquired progressively. Thus whilst we introduce the key categories in reality they are integrated. 

Sports Combat Martial Arts - 搏击运动

A combat sport, or fighting sport, is a competitive contact sport with one-on-one combat. Determining the winner depends on the particular contest's rules. In many fighting sports, a contestant wins by scoring more points than the opponent or by disabling the opponent. The practitioners of these sports are not just martial artists, but they are also athletes who test their skills against one another day in and day out. One should note that combat sports by themselves are not sufficient preparation for real combat.

Examples of Popular Combat Sports (not just Chinese) include : 

• San Da 散打 and Kickboxing (泰拳 or Thai Boxing)

• Boxing 拳击

• Mixed Martial Arts 綜合格鬥

• Wrestling and Sumo 摔跤

• Push Hands 推手 

• Judo, Jujitsu and Brazilian Jujitsu 柔道 柔术

Combative (Practical) Martial Arts  - 实战技击

Originating from methods for the military, Chinese Martial Arts or Combatives practitioners focus primarily on developing the skills, knowledge, and ability to better protect oneself in a real-world violent altercation where severe bodily harm and even death may be imminent. This includes situations against multiple opponents in an unprepared setting and often using whatever tools, equipment or objects (weapons) are around to achieve the most practical outcome.

Examples of Chinese Combative Martial Categories include:

• Qin-na (擒拿 Grappling and Locking)

• Shuaijiao (摔跤 Takedowns and Throwing) 

• Sanshou (散手 Unarmed Combat)

• Dishu (地术 Ground Fighting)

• Fangshen (防身 Self Defense Systems)

• Jiji Fa (技击法 Integrated Combat, incl. Weapons and Unarmed)


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