Chinese martial arts are a rich cultural for they contain not only the concepts of combat but also much of medical, health preservation, ethics and philosophy and more. Generally, within all traditional martial arts there are methods for developing physical health both externally and internally, mind, body and spirit. Those methods through time whether created or adopted have become intimately linked to the martial arts that they form a part of.

There are however certain systems of Health Cultivation and Preservation that have been developed uniquely and specifically. These with our associations to both TCM and Taoism, have over the last decades been carefully studied and added as standalone courses within the Taiping Institute repertoire. Some of the systems were created by the experiences of modern professors, others claim a long history of transmission. Irrespective most methods are focused on that most important consideration of Health. 

Key Inheritors/Founders of some of the Taiping Neigong/Qigong systems: 

Zhang Zhishun
(1912 – 2015)
Jingang Gong
Yang Meijun 
Dayan Qigong
Zhang Guangde 
(1932 – )
Daoyin Gong
Li Junfeng
(1938 – )
Shengzhen Gong
Liu Lihang
Chunyang Gong
Ming Pang
(1940 – )
Zhineng Qigong
Lu Zijian 
Bagua Gong 
Pei Xirong 
Wudang Gong
Feng Zhiqiang 
Hunyuan Gong
Dong Wenhuan
Wu Qin Xi