Originally called Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong (圣真无极元功) – also known as Sheng Zhen, translates to the Sacred Truth or “the Meditations of unconditional love. Rendered by M. Li Junfeng, The movements offer specific healing and health cultivation gifts of our ancient heart, limitless energy and grace, based in our love for all living beings and nature.

Its methods include sitting, standing, lying and meditative approaches designed to eliminate negative emotions, energy and gather positive healing energy. Its mind set and intention help to achieve a true sense of inner peace with the curiosity and open-ness of a child. The body is cultivated through gentle yet specific exercises, which when coupled with the open heart achieve an amazing effect on both physical and spiritual well being. Ultimately, one can experience a sense of merging with the universe: a feeling of pure, open-heart Love, acceptance and joy.

Shengzhen Healing Gong System

Preparatory Methods
Awakening the Soul 

Healing Gong | 祛病三步功
Qu Bing Gong 1 | 祛病功 第一段, Healing Gong I
Qu Bing Gong 2 | 祛病功 第二段, Healing Gong II
Qu Bing Gong 3 | 祛病功 第三段, Healing Gong III

Moving Methods
Taiji Shen Gong | 太极神功, Taiji Spirit Cultivation
Tian Ran Gong | 天然功, Heaven Nature Contemplation
Hui Chun Gong | 回春功, Return to Spring Nourishing