All formal disciples of the Taiping Institute are required to complete the Taiping FIT – Foundation Program. This may be prior or concurrently but should be in the earlier part of their training. To practice martial arts it is important to ensure the right basic level of fitness, the foundation co-ordination and kinesiology skills/principles is necessary. Correct movement patterns allow more efficient use of power and most importantly help to prevent injury by developing a good foundation.

The foundation program consists of eight key phases:

  1. Calisthenics & Functional Movements
  2. Plyometrics and Parkour
  3. Resistance Training
  4. Internal Cultivation – Stretching, Breathing, Intention & Spirit
  5. Striking & Kicking Foundations
  6. Combat Distance, Timing & Psychology
  7. Grappling & Wrestling Foundations
  8. Conditioning & Knocking Foundations 

These programs were designed and are led by trained Sports Scientists and Physiotherapists. At the completion students are able to undertake the Fitness Instructor certification (and other relevant ones) to obtain formal qualifications. The Taiping Certificate is only awarded on satisfactory completion of the Foundation Practicum and the associated theory examinations which are predominantly based on the subjects of Anatomy & Physiology, Biomechanics, Kinesiology and Movement Science.