Zhineng Qigong (Cultivating Intelligent Energy) is a complete integrated system developed to liberate human energy in all dimensions, ultimately opening one’s heart to the awakening of objective conscience. It also provides an effective path to take charge of one’s physical health and empower healthy living. Zhineng Qigong finds its roots in the ancient traditions of folk, shamanic, Daoist, buddhist and confucianist traditions – integrating them into a whole with the latest understanding of physiology, psychology and medicine.

 Zhineng Qigong was created by Dr Pang Ming, a gifted Qigong teacher with training in Chinese and Western medicine who received tutelage from 19 Grandmasters in qigong and martial arts from early childhood. With the creation of Zhineng Qigong, he has combined the ancient Chinese internal cultivation of Qigong as a healing art with the modern science knowledge of the body and mind. Dr Pang Ming founded the largest medicine-less hospital in China, where Zhineng Qigong was used to study mind-body science and its applications to self-healing. He has set up training centers in China that have trained thousands of qigong teachers, most of whom have chosen to dedicate their lives to share and teach qigong to the public.

Today it is the world’s most widely practised qigong, with upwards of 20 million practitioners globally. Practitioners learn and practice a series of movements that make up a particular ‘method’ or exercise. The daily practice of these movements increases vital energy and unblocks the energy channels of the body to bring about a free flow of qi. Improved health is the outcome, since all illness is associated with lack of qi and blockages in its flow. The use of chanting “Hunyuan Lingtong” emphasizes the importance of the Hunyuan Qi within the system.  

The Zhineng Qigong System consists of six (6) levels comprised of both External Hunyuan and Internal Hunyuan. The first Level is known as Wai Hunyuan (External Hunyuan), Second and Third levels are Nei Hunyuan (Internal Hunyuan) whilst the levels four to six are the Zhong Hunyuan (Middle Hunyuan) stage:

  •  Level 1: Lift Qi Up and Pour Qi Down (Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa)
  •  Level 2: Body and Mind Method (Xing Shen Zhuang)
  •  Level 3: Five Elements Method (Wu Yuan Zhuang)
  •  Level 4: Middle Channel Hunyuan Method (Zhong Mai Hunyuan Gong)
  •  Level 5: Middle Line Hunyuan Method (Zhong Xian Hunyuan Gong)
  •  Level 6: Hun Hua Return to the One Method (Hun Hua Gui Yuan Gong)
Foundation/Support Methods

Three Centers Merge Standing Method (三心并站桩  San Xin Ping Zhan Zhuang) – This method utilizes a proper alignment of body and centering of mind into a powerful posture designed to root the body into the earth, connect the three main meridians and collect Qi at the Dantian. The method can quickly attain strength and balance of energy.

Stretching Qi (抻气法  Chen Qi) – This is an effective method to stimulate and mobilize internal physical Qi and unify Qi within the entire body as a whole.

Wall Squatting ( 面壁蹲墙功 Dun Qiang) – This involves a gentle up-down movement of the body while facing a wall. The practice corrects the spinal structure and relaxes the whole body. It is a very effective stress reduction method and also gives a strong feeling of Qi. With daily practice, it can lead to a high level of Qigong cultivation.

Core Zhineng Qigong System

External Hunyuan

I Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down (捧气贯顶法 Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa) – This is the basic form of the Level 1 practice and consists of a series of gentle body movements, synchronized with meditative visualization to open any blockages inside and promote the exchange of Qi between the body and the Universe. The three sequences in this Form are designed to gather Qi into the three Dantians.

Internal Hunyuan 

II Body & Mind Method (形神庄 Xing Shen Zhuang) – This is the basic form of the Level 2 practice, comprising 10 steps. It works with the internal chi within the body, to open joints and meridians and accumulate Hun Yuan (universal) Qi throughout the whole body, from skin to bone. It is a discipline designed to unite the mind with the body and enhance the mind’s ability to command the body, thereby integrating mind and body.

III Five Elements Unified Method (五元庄  Wu Yuan Zhuang) – Using sound, movement, and breathing techniques, the method is to activate and balance the internal Qi of five organs thereby unifying the essential Qi of the internal organs into the middle Dantian. It helps to achieve physical cleansing as well as emotional balance.

Central Hunyuan 

IV. Middle Channel Hunyuan Method (中脉混元功 Zhong Mai Hunyuan Gong) – This stage is mainly a practice of the middle channel and its relationship with the entire body qi, unifying all body qi to become an entirety.

V. Middle Line Hunyuan Method (中线混元功 Zhong Xian Hunyuan Gong) – Once the body is unified, one practises to harness middle channel qi to connect Heaven and Earth qi and to form the universal middle line.

VI. Hun Hua Return to the One Method (混化归元功 Hun Hua Gui Yuan Gong) – The Hunyuan development now continues with the intetion of merging and transforming our human being with nature as they become one.