The Green Dragon Sword of GM Wang Ziping | 青龙剑

The Green Dragon Sword is one of the legacies that Wang Ziping (1881-1973) left to the world. Wang Ziping was from Cangzhou, Cang County, Hebei Province. He was an expert of many styles such as Yang Style Cha Quan, Hua Quan, Pao Quan, Bajiquan and Taijiquan. He was well respected in the Martial arts community and when the Nanjing National Martial Arts Institute was established he became the head of a division at the Institute. 

Green Dragon Sword was created by Wang Ziping after he compiled an accumulation of skills throughout his life, he analyzed not only traditional sword methods but also the features of other swordsmanship such as Japanese Kenjutsu and European Fencing.  Green Dragon sword consists of three sets/routines each with there own specific emphasis and techniques. These are “战, Standing”, “行, Walking”  and ” 龙, Dragon”. 

Wang Ziping taught many students in addition to his inheritor/daughter Wang Jurong.

In Shanghai,  Zhou Yongfu an expert of Yuanyang Men, Hao Family Mantis Boxing, Xingyi, Shaolin, Taiji and Xingyi became well acquainted with Wang Ziping who thought highly of his skills to the degree that the Twin Swords were taught by Zhou Yongfu to his daughter Wang Jurong. Zhou was able to exchange and learn skills from Wang Ziping as well. Zhou Yongfu gained recognition as a 9th Duan wushu expert and his disciple, Gao Xingliang (pictured above) also inherited the Qinglong (Green Dragon) Sword. 

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